Thoughts Running through my mind. Four weeks remaining. Saturday Morning.

Lying in bed. Tight hamstring all week. Do I a) Go for a run or b) Go for a swim? *looks outside* Oh my, can’t stay indoors with weather like that. Guardian Football Weekly Podcast Time.

So early, even the Parkrunners aren’t out yet.

If I’m going to overtrain I need to get some miles in before the dreaded Ringinglow Road hill. Forge Dam and back used to be a run on its own. Ugh.

PARKRUN TIME. Look at them all, it’s like a giant running centipede.

Right turn. Up Ecclesall Road South. Can’t wait for the organised run so I don’t have to evade cars and idle middle-aged toffs who have no spatial awareness.

Ringinglow Road. Ridiculously steep.

Three weeks ago I did this route and a tall, fit, bald man joined my route AND THERE HE IS AGAIN. *five minutes later* He’s a mere blip on the horizon.

Norfolk Arms. F*** you Beats By Dre Man. I’ll step into the mud while you waddle past. Don’t mind me.

Where are these llamas?

Downhill. Weeeee.

Crap. Children. Spatial awareness – Nil. I’ll just ‘gently’ push him out of the way. Don’t turn round. His Mum might spot me.

Oh hai Parkrunners. We meet again.

Brocco Bank. Legs are going. Hamstring is ok. Playlist on. Easy run. I’ll let this girl overtake me.

There she is. I’ll just overtake her. Feels good.


Just half an hour to go according to the training plan. Soddit. Make it 15. Ok. 20.

Done. You know you’ve smashed it when walking feels a lot tougher than running did a few minutes ago.


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