Thoughts Running through my mind. One week remaining. Saturday Morning.

Apologies for the lack of any updates in the last few weeks, I have kept up with the training plan and now it has reached the tapering stage. This morning was the final ‘long run’ before the main event next week.

8.45am. Cold. Drizzle. Could be thinking ‘sod this, back to bed’, but if anything this’ll be the perfect preparation.

Toilet. Shirt off. T-shirt and Hoodie on. Earphones in. Stretches. Water. Out.

Look at all those Parkrunners whizzing around.

Ugh. Brocco Bank. Plus there’s someone on the other side slowly overtaking me. STOP THAT.

Still uphill. Past Hallam Tower. Wish they’d do something with that building.

Keep a steady pace. Feel the burn. Keep going.

Looks like the weather has put off a few runners, the jessies.

Out to Manchester Road, what a view that is overlooking Sheffield.

Downhill. Mmm.

Do I put the hood up or down? Decisions.

Halfway, still feeling strong. The playlist is all I want and more. Choons galore.

Uphill, bit of a struggle. Back downhill for the final straight. Reckon I could do that again.

Can’t wait for next week. No pedestrians. No dogs. No cars. No crossing. Just, running.

9.73km in 54:31. Very satisfying.

If you do want to sponsor me I’m raising money for Katherine House Hospice, a great cause that my late father came out of retirement to help –


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